Finance Expert Jason Spencer Elected to Board of  Directors of Nino’s Del Sol Children’s Orphanage in Peru

​To say the life of an orphan can be an extremely difficult one in South America is far from an understatement.   Fortunately, there are groups in place who work hard to offer some relief and provide children with safety and possibilities for the future.  One orphanage, Nino Del Sol, recently announced finance expert Jason Spencer has been elected to their well respected Board of Directors.
Most experts agree; the charities a person chooses to support can say a great deal about their character.  In the case of financial expert Jason Spencer, it shows a deep interest in helping children, especially children in South America where orphans face some of the worst situations in the Americas.  Recently,  Spencer announced he has been elected to the Board of Directors of ‘Nino Del Sol, a children’s orphanage in Peru  and is looking forward to using his unique skill set to help the orphanag be even more successful.  
“Nino Del Sol is really something special and I’m very proud to be on board helping where I am able,”  commented Spencer about his new role on the Board of Directors of Nino Del Sol.  “I think this year is going to be a very good one for the orphanage and a great many children are going to be helped in a very real way.”
Based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Spencer has over a decade experience as a Finance consultant, on top of a very impressive education background, which includes a Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University, a Masters in International Business Administration from the prestigious Queen’s University in Ontario, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.  
The orphanage has existed since 1995, and after its founder died in 2010 the project reformed as Nino Del Sol.  Currently, children of all ages are being helped including a number attending University, who would likely be illiterate if not for the orphanage.  Clearly, it’s a project that changes and saves lives.
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